Why Indigo flies empty but never sells cheap?

07 Dec

i was flying from Kolkata to Dehi on a 3.00pm Indigo airlines flight on 2nd December 2013.

I paid almost Rs 10000 for one way fare which is way expensive for a  2 hour flight in India and it was booked 4 days in advance.

When the flight started , i realised that that 50% the seats in the flight was empty and A320 airbus was flying with half the load to a busy location called Dehi.

I fail to understand why Indigo flies empty planes but dont sell tickets cheap?

 What is the logic? If they charge 5000 instead of Rs 10000, the flight will be full in no time and Indigo can recover some loss which they are destined to make.

Already, though loads are abysmal, airlines are raking in the moolah by effecting a steep increase in both, spot fares and advance purchase fares. This is good for airline yields but may scare away more passengers in the  festival season and then the holiday traffic from November to December end. If market leader IndiGo is also flying with 40% seats empty, perhaps airlines need to once again rationalise capacities.

 whenever I have flown on the Bombay Delhi sector, I have found dozens of empty seats. A national waste. Some tweaking of pricing is needed in such a cost sensitive market.

If the cost of finding another passenger was a real factor, there would be a discount when I book flights for my family.

I have been used to seeing the flight costs change as soon you inquire or are about to complete a transaction, but in the last year I have gotten the “the cost for this flight as changed…” message with changes as high as 120% in the last year.

This does seem to be an issue of the free market not being able to operate, so some carriers are being kept alive that would likely have failed.

In US when an airline can hand you a $400 voucher to wait 2 hours for the next flight because they intentionally overbooked, that too is an indicator that market share is more important than profitability.

All in all, it’s a very weird looking industry to the outsider.


Anyway when you something from the ffod menu, they will simply say sorry sir that got over, that i heard in early morning flights also.

What you get is cold sanswitch which seems to be 2 packed 2-3 years ago.

The return journey in a really noisy jet connect flight from T3 was almost hell because the window panes were just shaking and informing you that this is a 20 year old Boing which is fly worthy only in a third world country.

I realised at tlease Indigo planes were new and why should i try to get into the logic of flying empty seats , when i dont own any of the air lines or intend to own shares of these airline companies with suspious funding sources.

I think because the fundind source of airliles are suspicious, they can manage to fly empy planes also !!!!


If you understand the logic of flying 50% empty seats and not selling cheap, please do share your thoughts.




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One response to “Why Indigo flies empty but never sells cheap?

  1. Sanjay

    December 25, 2013 at 6:22 am

    Is there anything like last minute fliers , i am sure just like the railway chart preparation there would be as many travellers wanting to board last minute before the gates closed ofcourse , if the airlines can auction these seats , it will be a win win situation for them .


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