Best Investment Plans in India to Earn One Crore

13 Jul

Everybody in India dreams of earning one Crore and here are the possible options to achieve this faster.

Is it possible to achieve this big dream with small savings?

What are the best investment plans in India to make it to one Crore?

How much you need to save every month to earn one crore? I keep asking these questions to myself many times.

Lot of friends ask me  the same question on how to make a crore? We did a thorough research  for few weeks and spoke to around 100 people who have done well in investing and arrived on certain  investment options which can help you achieve this goal of reaching one crore in shortest possible time.

But please note that there is no shortcut for this and one has to be patient and consistent investor.

Here are the Best Investment Plans in India to earn One crore:

1.Invest in Best blue chip stocks: Good amount invested in blue chip stocks can double your investment in 4 to 5 years. Investment has to be regular and not in one go. What I mean here is don’t invest all the money at one time, start investing periodically. If you invest 20,000 per month in stock market in blue chip stocks, you can earn one crore in 10 years assuming that at least 20-25 % annualized returns for long term ( at least 10-12 years). This looks fastest way to one crore in Indian market.

2.Invest in large cap mutual funds: There are innumerable number of mutual fund schemes, in large caps there are bigger chances of growing our money and achieve the goal of one crore.

If you look at the average annualized return on mutual funds in last 10 years, it comes to around 20% per annum. This look better than investing directly in blue chip stocks which can be difficult for a layman to select right blue chip stocks.

If you invest 25,000 to 28,000 rupees per month in Large cap mutual funds, your money can grow to one crore.

3.Investment in sector specific mutual funds: Pharma and FMCG sectors are giving a annualized return of 30%+ over the last few years. This is high risk and high reward game plan and good for high risk taker investors. If you invest 14,000 to 16000 per month for 10 years, you can earn 1 crore for sure. But sector fund are high risk, in fact very high risk investment.

4.Invest in Best in class diversified Mutual Funds: This is very similar to large cap and sector specific mutual funds where there are greater chances of growing your money to 1 crore. Average return in this sector is around 20% annualized. So if you invest 27000 to 28000 rupees per month in such diversified mutual funds, there are good chances that your money would grow to 1 crore.

5.Bank Fixed deposits:  This  is one of the most popular  because it is more secure so less risky. There are Bank FD/ Recurring deposits where you can become crorepati in 10-11 years. You must investment 50,000 rupees per month in such fixed deposit schemes to earn 1 crore in ten years but please do a thorough check on the credential of the company or the bank before putting your money. Also check if the FD Company has good liquidity and tradability in the market. There are many company or organizations who will go bankrupt in future s o you need to study the pedigree of these management before investing. Don’t just look at the attractive advertisements in newspapers or TV. Do a thorough check on the banks/ organizations track record because it’s your hard earned money which you are investing.


6.Company fixed deposits: Company fixed deposits always provides higher returns compared to Bank deposits. Investment of 43000 per month with a return of 12.50 % can help you earn 1 crore in 10 years. But invest only in best , reputed, and big companies who are there in the market for at least 10-15 years  and chances of going bust is minimal. Risk is huge in this cases so we do not recommend this as the best investment options. But there are good business houses who are there since 100 years like Tata, Birla etc  which can be relied upon.

7.Investment in gold/ ETF:  Gold was a darling of Indian market for a long time and shine is not going away anytime soon. So 20-25 thousand investment per month in gold ETF can make you crorepati in 10 years. This looks good from Indian perspective as we all love gold and wear gold. At current rate Gold looks lucrative and can be a good investment in 2013 -2014.

8.Investment in Silver: Silver is down but not out and there is nothing wrong in investing in silver in long term. Although this is not a popular investment options but it will definitely pick up in coming times.

9. Investment in IPO: IPO market is not good since last 2-3 years except one or two good issues, market is dull and retail participation is almost nil. However , if you would have invested in all the IPO s in 2012 ,  you would have received a return of 45% annualized. This is not consistent but there a re good chances of making money in case of good IPOs like Just Dial which was oversubscribed many times and the return was fantastic. So from my point of view this is also a good way of making a crore.

10.Investment in Real Estate: Investment with a horizon of 10 years will definitely give you a solid return in real estate investment. A t current levels, this investment looks one of the best to me.

Disclaimer – Many of the above mentioned plans can help you reach 1 crore however  diversify your investment into multiple options to make it less risky and it will definitely help you achieve your goal of 1 crore.


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2 responses to “Best Investment Plans in India to Earn One Crore

  1. Bharat GK

    August 15, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Good plans suggested but risks are also little high. I understand making one crore is not a joke if we dont take risk.


    October 13, 2016 at 8:03 pm

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